Friday, March 31, 2006
The War
We don't realize it, but we live in the most war-torn nation on earth.

Our biggest enemy has come down upon our land and enslaved us. Forced our men to fight against themselves. Pimped our women as if they were whores and threw our childeren in prison. Still every day a few good people manage to escape this hell pit. They form underground movements and plan rebellions to overthrow the evil, and assemble the army which one day will rise up and set the believing free.

Believe it or not everything in this story is true. Satan has taken control over the world. He causes us to hate people over things such as money and race. He dictates the way our young girls act, and promises them love and acceptance for conforming to his evil. And our childeren are sent to prison where they are brainwashed in a simalar fashion, and taught to accept this outrage as their way of life.

However the second part of the story is also true, there are people who have been saved from this, and are now fighting against the enemy's minions in an attempt to free our people.

And Christ is preparing his forces for the final battle.

I am a christian. But I am no church boy, I'm a soldier, and no matter what society tells you about us, or what the rich selfish church folk tell you, this is REAL. we're not gonna sugar coat anything we say, we're gonna bring you the truth about issues the church won't even touch. In Matthew 10:34 Jesus Christ says He did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

So if you wanna ride with us, now is the time, cuz the king is coming back and he's bringing the hammer down.