Friday, September 22, 2006
The Current State of "Gospel Hip Hop"
These days i think Hip Hop has lost the passion it once held.
Hip Hop used to be about doing something with your life, succeeding and rising above your current situation.
Making something of yourself for greater reasons then money, drugs, sex and more attention.
I'm talking about finding the strength it takes to do something, to take a stand for truth and honesty.
Today most Hip Hop has lost it's integrity and i believe that's why we see so many people claiming Hip Hop incorrectly.

This irresponsibility also goes on in the Christian music industry nowadays.
How many times do you have to say you "rep for Christ", before you actually represent Him in a fashion He deserves?
So many people degrade Jesus' name with weak music and just as weak messages.
What kind of statement or representation does that give our loving savior?
A pretty pitiful one in my opinion. I think what we need to do is get back into the word to see how Jesus spoke and fashion ourselves after Him.
If you really pay attention when you read Jesus' words you'll see that everything He says is very thought out and powerful.
Is that what we strive for when representing Him through our music?
These are important questions we need to be asking ourselves if we claim to be doing Gods work or presenting the Gospel.

God isn't someone to be toyed with and His message isn't either.
If you are going to claim Him in your music you better claim Him in your life as well.
It's not about how many times you can talk about God or say you believe He exists.
Even the demons believe in who He is and what He can do.

What we should be striving for is presenting the reality of God and His love in a way that is worthy of Him.
Not focusing on selling cd's to youth groups, getting in christian bookstores, or doing shows in churches.
That's all fine and good but when are we going to actually start hitting the non-christian venues?
The other side is already hitting up the churches. Do you know how many Church-going teens there are who listen to music that dishonors God?
When will we take up our responsibility to follow in Jesus' footsteps and truly commit ourselves to the great commission?
The time is now, there's no reason for us to be lazy or delay.

God is not entertainment, He is a lot deeper then that.
He died to reconcile lost children with their father not to be thrown around insensitively in weak songs.
It's about time we realized the gravity of what He's done for us and act like it in our lives and in our music.

J.D. (Jesus Disciple)
Article featured in MicRippaz Magazine.
Monday, September 18, 2006
Hip Hop and Music these days...
Rappers seem to be getting overrated like kj these days.
It's good that the christian music industrys embracing some hip hop artists but i think the ones they choose to embrace are often second class.
Both christian and secular radio never play any real hip hop, this is why us underground artists are like "dude, forget them".
We don't even care anymore, it's not about the christian music industry to true emcees.
It's really just lukewarm music for a lukewarm culture.
These days it's not about honesty and being real with yourself or God anymore.. it's all about doin' what people are used to, to continue the flow.

Sometimes christians these days are more shut out to God then nonchristians.
(Mostly the people in charge who promote/play music that keeps christians happy and buyin/listening.)

Being a christian musician is not about calling yourself a christian musician, it's about being a musician who chooses to glorify God through their music and their life, while at the same time pointing out hypocrasy and bringing the truth to light for all to see.
So i leave you with this, next time you hear someone claim to be a christian musician.
Look at the fruits of their tree, in other words... the result of their actions and "ministry".