Tuesday, April 18, 2006
John 18:37
Pilate replied, "You are king then?"
"You say that I am king, and you are right," Jesus said. "I was born for that purpose. And I came to bring truth to the world. All who love the truth Recognize that what I say is true."
Sunday, April 16, 2006
Murder & Mercy: The Easter Story
This week i was sitting at youth group spazzing out like a bum like usual...(jk)....anyway, the youth pastor asked what easter meant to each of us personally...

I replied simply with "Murder & Mercy".

A pre-arranged homicide, betrayal by a brother, a man arrested when He did no wrong.
Charged for crimes He never commited, beaten, tortured, torn & bleeding.
Hanging on a cross with nails through Him...

Punished for the sin of all mankind.

It is truly Murder & Mercy... the death of the one pure & spotless lamb for Gods mercy on the unworthy...and that's everyone! no matter what sins they have commited.

The easter weekend to me is the greatest tragedy and yet the greatest gain you could ever recieve.
The one perfect lamb died as a sacrifice so that we could all be made just as pure and perfect in the sight of God.
Don't deny the greatest love ever, don't deprive yourself of the greatest friend you could ever have.
Saturday, April 15, 2006
In Regard to the Recent Shootings
We'd like to send our prayers out to the families of Deshaun, and Keith. Soon I will do a peice regarding this tragedy and what we can learn from it.
The Example
Sometimes trying to be revoulutionary can lead to being just downright rebelious. We try so hard to be different from the stained glass crowd that we become angry and too judgemental of others. I learned that the hard way tonight. Me and JD quickly discovered that sometimes in trying to be unchristian-like, we forget to be Christ-like in the process. We become proud and feel like we have an advanced philosophy over others, and even if we do, we tend to try too hard to make a point, and end up taking unnessicary measures to receive attention, sometimes even going as far as subconciously bending the facts. The solution I offer to you is to remember to be Christ like. Study the bible, and study the way he responds to certain situations, and try to do the same in your own walk.

As you remember the example Jesus set on the cross this weekend, Instead of trying to avoid being "Christian-like" just Be Christ-like.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
The Jones
I think you have to live what we live to fully understand what we go through, that's why most kids don't confide in their families anymore, because they see their parents as naive and ignorant to the crap we face on a day to day basis. And who can blame them? After all it was their parents who dumped them in daycare, pre school and elementary so mom could work and keep up with the Jones when she should have been at home raising her babies. (Not that I'm opposed to the career woman).

If we're willing to sell a child's God given potential for materialistic desires, what makes you think they won't follow suit?

If our wellbeing is not worth more then your image to you, then how should it be to us? Why do you think kids are more concerned with being "Cool" Then with being "Wise"? I mean, if their parents think a Benz is worth more then their kid, a kid is gonna think having sex is more important then their spiritual and physical health.

Money can buy you a lot of things, but it can't buy you love.
Monday, April 03, 2006
The Two Worlds
Have you ever thought about the possibility of another dimension? another world outside of our own?
The truth is, there are two worlds... both co-existing together, but not mutually interacting with eachother in entirety.

If you look back in history, the reason that both of these worlds were disconnected from eachother is that man disbelieved and disobeyed God, forcing Him to withdraw Himself and the spiritual world from man.

Because mankind turned his back on God, it put man and God at odds. God created man and loves man but because of mans stubborness to accept the reality of the other world (and Gods love) not many have regained the relationship man and God once had.
In reality, mankind as a whole has tried to forget about his past connection to God and the spiritual world.

As time has gone on, humans have withdrawn themselves from God more and more.
It isn't God who has chosen to not reveal Himself, it is mans stubborness that causes his inability to see Him.

God has revealed Himself in many ways in His creation, the way that creation is constructed and how it works.
If you really study science you will see that God reveals Himself in almost everything, His mark is everywhere and on everything.
Nothing can rightfully disprove the bible or the validity and truth of God.

Man is without excuse because all things show the glory of God, no matter how hard anyone tries to debate that fact, it remains a FACT.

But whats most important...One man made it possible for these worlds to connect once more.
So both God and man could interact and once again fellowship together.

That man is Jesus Christ, you can fight it all you want but the bible is clear that the only way to heaven is through Jesus' blood and in that blood we might be seen as pure and holy before God.
Sunday, April 02, 2006
The Disease
Today i was thinking about why we have so many people treating themselves so poorly and basically, it's really because they don't realize where they really came from and why they matter.

Everyones so caught up in finding their worth material things, their popularity...the list goes on.
So they don't have anything to fall back on and end up feeling worthless with no firm foundation for their purpose to stand on.
If you don't have a real reason to believe you are worth anything of course you're gonna treat yourself like crap.

This is why i think parents and leaders really need to step up to let kids know about the person who really loves them more then anything and can make their life worth living.
Instead of teaching them they're all meaningless mistakes that formed from molecules.

Because we are really all formed in our mothers womb by the hands of God, He has known us before we were born and knows everything that will happen in our lives. We mean the world to Him.

It's really up to us to teach our kids but it's up to them also to recieve this knowledge and respect themselves.

So next time the evil spirits in this world or any human being tries to tell you that you are worthless, know that true and real worth is not found on earth but found in God.

That's my 2 cents, maybe even 2 billion dollars, depends on how much this post was "worth" to you ;) haha... yea, i know, corny joke :P

Keep in your word, because it's the only thing that is 100% true, all humans will lie to you sometime, God never will.