Sunday, April 02, 2006
The Disease
Today i was thinking about why we have so many people treating themselves so poorly and basically, it's really because they don't realize where they really came from and why they matter.

Everyones so caught up in finding their worth material things, their popularity...the list goes on.
So they don't have anything to fall back on and end up feeling worthless with no firm foundation for their purpose to stand on.
If you don't have a real reason to believe you are worth anything of course you're gonna treat yourself like crap.

This is why i think parents and leaders really need to step up to let kids know about the person who really loves them more then anything and can make their life worth living.
Instead of teaching them they're all meaningless mistakes that formed from molecules.

Because we are really all formed in our mothers womb by the hands of God, He has known us before we were born and knows everything that will happen in our lives. We mean the world to Him.

It's really up to us to teach our kids but it's up to them also to recieve this knowledge and respect themselves.

So next time the evil spirits in this world or any human being tries to tell you that you are worthless, know that true and real worth is not found on earth but found in God.

That's my 2 cents, maybe even 2 billion dollars, depends on how much this post was "worth" to you ;) haha... yea, i know, corny joke :P

Keep in your word, because it's the only thing that is 100% true, all humans will lie to you sometime, God never will.