Saturday, April 15, 2006
The Example
Sometimes trying to be revoulutionary can lead to being just downright rebelious. We try so hard to be different from the stained glass crowd that we become angry and too judgemental of others. I learned that the hard way tonight. Me and JD quickly discovered that sometimes in trying to be unchristian-like, we forget to be Christ-like in the process. We become proud and feel like we have an advanced philosophy over others, and even if we do, we tend to try too hard to make a point, and end up taking unnessicary measures to receive attention, sometimes even going as far as subconciously bending the facts. The solution I offer to you is to remember to be Christ like. Study the bible, and study the way he responds to certain situations, and try to do the same in your own walk.

As you remember the example Jesus set on the cross this weekend, Instead of trying to avoid being "Christian-like" just Be Christ-like.