Tuesday, June 20, 2006
The Truth About Love
I read last night from a somewhat well known book called 'I kissed dating goodbye' Trying to reconstruct my sorry attempts at love. I was in the last pages of the book, and reading the painfully honest truth about what it takes to make it work in the real world. And I was left thinking "If this is
what love really is, maybe I don't even want it." And as I thought about it today, I realized more and more that the truth is, We really don't want it. I read the book and realized the sacrifice and
dedication involved in a marriage and I realized for the first time that love is not cute. Love is hardcore selflessness, sacrifice, and compromise.

I'll try to clear things up for you as best as I can. Jesus is the perfect example of love, but his experience on earth was in no way comparable to the romantic fantasy we view as modern love. Because Jesus loved us, he withstood our ridicule, he forgave our sins, he endured beatings, and he eventually died a very painful death after being betrayed. But today we look upon love and point out only what is accepted as pleasant, (though not nessicarily G rated.) As society often will. But thats really only a small peice of the pie, obviously alot of happiness came out of what Jesus has done for us, and surely the same should be true for us. But the difference is Jesus didn't come here so he could have the peace and joy and forgiveness, he came here so we could. So make sure your relationship priorities are focused 100% on the other person. When you chew on that enough and discover what that truely means, as I did while reading this book, I have little doubt you'll be thinking "If thats what marriage really is, I'm not so sure if I'm ready for it yet." And if thats not what you're thinking I suggest you go buy a ring. God help you son.